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An assignment by Protonn

Vaibhav Khandelwal
2 min readMar 21, 2021



This is documentation of an exercise given by Protonn for product design intern recruitments.


Design an experience for a dating app/website for pets.

Basic Research

Why doing this research?

  • To learn about the facts and stats of pet owners to improve their experience in the app.
  • To understand the target audience.
  • To find out pain points and needs.

Two types of Users in this case

  • Active Users — Pet Owners (basically my target audience)
  • Pseudo Users — Pets (Technically dating is for them through the owners.)

Understanding the Target Audience

There are approximately 24 million pets owned in India till the year 2020. But not all community or class people own a pet. Me, being a member of a middle-class family is not allowed to keep pets at home.
Most of the pet owners are of Upper class and upper-middle-class families.
They basically are of the age group of 18–35 years.

Assumptions on the basis of research

  • Statista says that 92% of pets owned in India are dogs. I assumed that the app features two pets — Dogs (majorly) and Cats (minorly).
  • Assuming a single pet dating profile could be made by a user/person.

App Flow

The app flow is similar to a normal dating app except there is an addition of a step as there is a pseudo user who needs to be given identity on the app.

Basic app flow (an extra step from a normal dating app)


Discover Screen page-


Message Screens-

Account/Info Screen-



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